Your family Finder program for the FamilyTreeDNA site

Your family Finder program for the FamilyTreeDNA site

  • GEDMATCH: seven 131,376,672 150,778,055 twenty-seven.9cM dos,741 SNPs
  • FTDNA: eight 131515632 150764204 cM 2807 SNPs
  • ANCESTRYDNA: no match

In this case, You will find alot more trust regarding results by the FTDNA and you can GEDmatch compared to the individuals from the AncestryDNA, because the our very own ancestors not merely mutual a beneficial surname however, stayed near each other.

In another situation, no common ancestral surnames no common ancestral metropolises, I might feel better throughout the DNA providers hence do maybe not consider indeed there getting a fit.

One another AncestryDNA (ThruLines) and you will MyHeritage (Concept away from Family members Relativity) are making an effort to write more sophisticated complimentary formulas hence mix DNA research and genealogical facts

The other DNA enterprises would be to follow the exemplory case of GEDmatch and allow it to be their customers to choose in which they wish to place the brand new tolerance.

The basic complimentary formulas don’t currently take a look at surnames or household members trees. In the future, this new coordinating thresholds and ranking away from fits used by the DNA businesses may be modified to combine genealogical proof that have DNA facts.

Significant changes in the family Finder program was in fact adopted into the . Elements of another dialogue might still need to be modified about white of these alter. “Your family Finder program for the FamilyTreeDNA site” の続きを読む