Files Sharing the truth about Call to action

Files Sharing the truth about Call to action

WOC promotes girls priests (“priestesses”). WOC are characterized by solid words denouncing “this new patriarchal church” and papacy off John Paul II. WOC leadership features suggested “new” sacraments you to definitely ent out of Croning” on ages 50 so you can herald new upcoming of “Wisdom.” A recent WOC fulfilling advertised ordination suggested subordination; therefore, ordination must be Remodeled. That isn’t unusual to possess WOC conferences to begin with an invocation to an excellent pagan goddess, and can even feature a beneficial pagan routine buffet. Person in Catholic Communities having Renewal.

Perhaps not an organization per se, however, a forum where lots of dissenting organizations plot the assault for the the fresh new lessons away from Jesus’ Church. The proclaimed mission was:

  • an effective coalition from Catholic organizations, determined because of the Vatican II, [an indicator of one’s modernist “heart out of Vatican II” – look for one to member below with this label]
  • to advance the reform and you will renewal of your own Catholic Church, and you may [Martin Luther including “reformed” the church and mainly based a chapel of guy based on their personal viewpoints – every heretics have done therefore prior to now. The thing that makes COR people additional?]
  • to come up with a full world of justice and you will peace, highlighting the fresh sacredness of all development.” [sacred production try a beneficial pagan faith; real tranquility and you may fairness come from following God’s instruction, perhaps not face-to-face him or her]

Together with supporting the homosexual lifestyle: ” The center have long supported Jeanine Gramick, SSND and you can Bob Nugent, SDS for their work on the gay area

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